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Hatemoglu started its first store in 1924 to become the very first private sector ready-to-wear garment manufacturer in Turkey, and became one of the leaders of this industry as from those early years of the Republic. The first Hatemoglu store started by Mustafa Bey in the city of Kayseri sold various garments including men’s and women’s coats. Hatemoglu expanded its range in the 1950s in line with ever increasing demand, focused on ready-to-wear, was the first Anatolian company broadcasting commercials in Radio Ankara, and was recognized for its quality and reliability. Its first store in Istanbul was opened in 1962, its first export was made to Switzerland in 1979. The fashion show it held in Uludag in 1987 proved a trendsetting move, ensuring the company to chase the global trends and to integrate its experience with innovation, and its trademarks crowned its sustainable success. Now managed by the third generation family members, its main trademark Hatemoglu 1924 served as a basis for its trademark “@html” introduced in 2003 and Hatem Sayki launched in 2005, before presenting a rich collection to young consumers through “h-teen” introduced in 2010. Setting a target of running 1,000 stores in 2024 to celebrate its 100th anniversary, Hatemoglu continues to be a leading innovator thanks to the utmost care it takes in selecting fabrics and developing modern designs for men who feel special, in a wide range of markets from Congo to Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan to China, as it always did since the first day.
SecilStore, which has adopted the principle of quality and reliable service, has offered its online sales store to your interest and appreciation in order to catch the fast and easy shopping trend which is required by modern time and to establish closer relations with your esteemed customers. As SecilStore, our primary goal is to get to know you better and determine your shopping needs in this direction. In this direction, our esteemed members of SecilStore will have the privilege of becoming a member of a much larger family and reaching a wide range of products with new brands and images increasing day by day.
Our brand WSS Wessi Menswear established in 2008 and it combines all menswear details such as suits, tuxedos, blazers, coats, knitwears, shirts, t-shirts, trousers, shoes and accessories. Wessi takes steps with principle of accuracy, inspects the entire process from production to presentation, provides natural and quality items. Wessi has ranked among the fast-growing companies whose strategy is built upon excellence, quality and reasonable prices. WSS Wessi whose ideal is becoming a family since its foundation aimed at providing a service manner of a domestic affection and respect. It is a company formed on demand and sincerity, and aware of the importance of your satisfaction. As a brand for men who are open to new experiences and aware of their own value, not their casual formations influenced by fashion trend but their style and line, brave and peculiar designs,we are working for men who do not compromise on their collections that they like to wear in their lives., and we add practical touches to your lives. Combining traditional attitude with modern workmanship, WSS Wessi offers you its unique attitude with its production and accessible price which embraces the development and production. We invite you to the Wss Wessi family where you will find the style the right and the impeccable that you are inspired by ownself. The practices that translate the circumstances into favor, and as your home that you will feel comfortable and confident in every situation.
TASAN CLOTHING started in 1995 with a small clothing workshop in Istanbul The company made the steps slowly but emphatically in the women's textile market. TASAN BLUZ, the appreciation of the Turkish Young Woman, was presented to the women of the world and received great acceptance. At Tasan modest dress, quality fabrics, the attention given to detail in the hands of master designers and with care in sewing turns fabric into art.
We manufacture and supply garments...Kalenderoglu Tekstil has a total production capacity of 100,000 units. Our company has INDITEX and SEDEX okey. Our company, which works predominantly in knitting group, can produce products with various fabric contents such as woven knitted blended fabrics, knitwear-like fabrics, satin, knitted combination blouses, dresses from time to time to adapt to the changing speed of fashion. Approximately 80 people in Giresun production staff operate as a team in order to offer our customers the best quality product in the fastest and highest service quality in line with the goals and objectives of Kalenderoglu Tekstil. Our factory in Giresun, with its staff of 80 people, offers ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System, ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System, ISO 18001: In order to offer our customers the most reliable product in terms of cutting, sewing, quality control, ironing, package and shipment, and to operate our staff in a reliable production environment. It is regularly audited annually with the 2007 Occupational Health and Safety System. The Integrated Quality Management System we have with these inspections makes us more reliable by the customers. Having the advantage of working with privileged customers, our company emphasizes the trust and quality of using organic cotton in its product with ORGANIC EXCHANGE and FAIRTRADE COTTON certificates.
LAGOS Mediterranean Textile Products Industry and Company was founded in 1973 in Istanbul. The products manufactured in our plant where the fashion and developing technology are closely follewed, are served the clients at our retail shops in Istanbul. In our modem plant and showroom within a closed area of 6000m2; The conscious of responsibility created by serving 'the best' and 'the most beautiful' which are the sole aim of dynamic and initiative stuff together with high-tech machinery and 80 experienced and professional employees in production unit, is the most importantfactor that made us leader in the sector we sen/e. In the way we depart with the principal of 'Working that is the uniquerule of success and permanence' we owe our success not to earn much, but the effort we make to reach the best. In our model production unity, t-shirts are in the head, every kindof man and lady model and design, our experiment team it is shaped accordance with yours appreciation. The products designed fashionable lines and colors can be applied many kinds of print. With L&G brand name LAGOS is exporting first European countries like Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain. Greece, the Balkan States, Russia, Arab and Middle East Countries. We are planning to expand the trade borders from Europe to Canada with our unique designs and variety of quality products to serve the best for local and international dients.
As women entrepreneurs, creating Qras was a way of expressing ourselves. In today’s age, everything you carry on yourself sends a message. And we wanted a way to show our stance; minimal but strong, opinionated but sociable, through the dresses we would wear. When we set out in 2018, we had only one thing in our minds. We would make *only dresses*. But the dresses we made would be more than fabric and stitches. It would carry a message. No extravagance, no misrepresentation, no fragility. These dresses would reflect we, as women, aspire to be. Social, minimal, unapologetic, capable, strong.
Magic Textile is a knitted product manufacturer that can offer total solution. With our professional team within the company, we are a part of the work at every stage: sampling, collection creation, transition to mass production with defined control mechanisms, quality assurance, after-sales service .. There is a management idea that knows that quality is uncompromising aiming long-term relationships with our company.
Unchanging Sarar quality since 1944 Sarar which is the leader of Turkish garment industry started its commercial activities in Eskisehir in 1944. Today, the company that Abdurrahman Sarar laid its foundation in a tailor shop of 12 square meters has continued its manufacturing in the textile and garment sector with its three modern factories established on an area of 120.000 square meters in Eskisehir Organized Industrial Site, Sarev Home Textile and Shirt Factory established on an area of 185.000 square meters on the road to Eskisehir-Kutahya and lastly the Sarar Women Garment manufacturing unit in Bomonti, Istanbul. Today, Sarar which competes with the world brands in the garment sector with five big manufacturing factories in Turkey and more than 5000 employees, high workmanship quality and tailormade sewing, has continued to offer service with more than 180 Sarar themed stores in 80 cities abroad and in 75 cities in Turkey as in 5 continents and 55 countries. Sarar has more than 180 retail stores and more than 800 salespoints at home with the brands of Sarar Women, Interview Sarar, CCS, Sarar Scarf, Sarev and Sartoria Sarar. It has 85 concept stores abroad as 15 in Europe, 19 in USA and 51 in other countries.